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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I can no longer get away with giving something to the big boys unless Pickle gets one, too. Lollipops and juice boxes are the hardest too sneak past him.

He can also reach things off the kitchen table by pulling on the placemats should he need to help himself. Imp!


Dinner has to get prepared somehow, and not even TV can compete with wrestling brothers.

More treats for excellent boys

Cubby has been such a trooper about all of his appointments. This morning, we needed to deliver his registration material for his new preschool where he'll start in the fall. I told him that if he behaved that we'd get a treat afterwards.
"Is it the doctor's?" he asked.
No, little guy. Just an office building.
We found an ice cream stand that was actually open at 10 am and celebrated while Pickle napped in the shade. We went to the playground and those two had a great time on the bikes. Next time, I will have to remember shoes for the baby!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spending his birthday loot!

Bub is a shopaholic like his mama. He has been waiting to spend his birthday money since before he even got it.
He picked out a massive Lego set of a police station and a dinosaur book.

Cubby wanted to buy a Hotwheels race track but I knew I would be the one to build it and that he would break it in an hour. I negotiated him down to a giant lollipop and a Lego figure. Blessedly, he still doesn't really notice that his brother pranced out of the toy store with a gigantic box.

Pickle was very happy with the cheesy poofs I kept dumping into his carriage seat.

Pickle tastes a lollipop!

Just because you haven't had your first haircut at 17 months doesn't mean you should miss out on lollipops!


The tickle of Spring grass

I had a death grip on Pickle as he lunged into Cubby's bath. 

Hands-free dinning 


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