Liam is only a "newborn" for three more days

I just read that Liam will officially be an "infant" on Thursday, the day he is three months old. Where did the time go?? I look down at his sweet little face, asleep in my arms after a meal, and I could cry at how quickly he is growing up. He'll be demanding a cell phone before long.

He is turning into a joyful and funny little baby. He laughs and curls up into a delighted ball at all the songs and games we play. And he talks up a storm. Morning is his chattiest time. After breakfast, he lays in his crib and jabbers at me while I caffinate and blather back at him.

The little rascal is putting me through my paces as we experiment with bedtimes. He seems to be settling in between 7 and 8 PM these days which is so wonderful compared to his former bedtime of "whenever the hell he felt like" o'clock. I'm hoping to graduate him from the co-sleeper to his crib this week. I don't know how I'll sleep with him across the hall. It's a toss up because his grunting and stretching keep me awake when he's beside me but I'll worry more without him there. What to do. . . ? We'll let you know how it all shakes down.
Action shot! Laughing in his swing~

Liam loves his "this". As in, "Do you want this?" It's a diaper and his pet.


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