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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Ecotarium and some random pictures from around the house

Yesterday, Bub and I went to the Ecotarium in Worcester. It was a little too hot to spend a lot of time outdoors but we did enjoy the indoor exhibits. Liam really enjoyed the Kitty exhibit (there was a big tank of ferrets) and the other Kitty exhibit (there was a stuffed mountain lion).

The vending machines were also quite magical.

Here's Liam playing on his splash pad au naturale.

And here he is just looking cute and walking around in his jim jams.

Big Top Liam

Liam went to his first circus today! It was so much fun for the whole family. We met up with two of Liam's buddies from play group and their Moms and Dads. Liam was transfixed by the lights and was having a blast clapping to the music and dancing in Mama's lap. He thought the most exciting part was the tiger show and seeing the elephants give children rides. (Mama's favorite part was the parade of camels, zebras, llamas and ponies. So cute!!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I submit that if you wipe up enough spots on the floor it counts as mopping.

Liamm and I hid out at the Y and the mall today. At the mmall, Liam enjoyed running amock with other pepped up preschoolers in this play space built to resemble a Lilliputan Boston.

At home, he cooled off by splashing in Kitty's water dish. The boy can't help himself.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Splash Park

Liam is totally fearless. I brought him to a playground that has a splash park with fountains and water jets squirting every where. He couldn't be bothered with water play. Instead, he spent his time toddling up to every kid and Mom there who had an interesting shoe or diaper bag or cup of snacks and making a chubby-fisted grab for that prize. He thinks that everyone is his friend and that every bright and shiny toy in the world is his for the taking. A winning attitude no doubt but not one shared by all. Some might consider him the tiniest pick-pocket. At the very least, some bigger kid won't give up the toy and a smack will follow. I hope we can avoid that for a while and Liam can continue to find the world a friendly place.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My heart literally aches!

I love him that much. And that goes for his wonderful Daddy, too!

Happy Father's Day, Chris!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I learned two things today.

1. Blueberry smoothies will stain painted walls, fingers, clothing and wooden highchairs.

2. Sooner or later, every Mama scoops poop out of the bath tub.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cape Cod vacation

What a great time we had! It was so fantastic to unplug from the world (sorry to keep you all on pins and needles waiting for this post!) and just enjoy the moment. There are so many cute pictures and funny stories it will be hard to keep this post from spiraling out of control. I'll do my best.

Here is a montage of cuteness to whet your appetite!

On the drive down, we stopped at the Heritage Museum and strolled around the gardens. Liam and Daddy took a spin on the carousel.

We stayed in the cutest little cottage in Chatham. In my mind, it looked like a minianture Italian villa with the stucco exterior and all the potted plants. It was only a 5 minute walk from the town center but because it was set back behind the main road it felt very secluded and peaceful. We had many beach bunny friends who came around throughout the day as well as chipmunks and lots of birds.
There was a cool little grotto along the walk path, replete with bird bath and Virgin Mary.

It was remarkable to witness the transformation in Liam from toddler to sprinting baby. Here is Liam RUNNING all over the cottage!

He also went from fearing sand to walking right into the ocean. The first couple visits to the beach he didn't even want to put his toes in the sand. He kept crying because his hand would get sandy and of course he stuck it right in his mouth. He did consistently enjoy sucking on salty rocks and shells. By the end of the vacation he was pulling us all into the waves.

One day we started driving with the intent of going to Eastham but a napping baby encouraged us to head all the way out to Race Point Beach and Provincetown.

We had brilliant weather and a yummy picnic lunch in the sand. Mama collected so many wonderful rocks that day at Herring Cove Beach.

Chris and I enjoyed an amazing night out to celebrate my birthday. We dined at the Impudent Oyster (don't you just love it?) and then went for a wonderful evening walk along the beach.

Here is Skaket Beach in Orleans. It was really windy that day. We had fun poking through the tide pools for hermit crabs, snails and fish . . .

and being beach bums!
Liam found a new love. A little girl ran up to our blanket, tapped Liam on the hat and said, "Excuse me, little boy, but do you want to play 'Bird Racer'?" She flitted off before he could respond, leaving Liam to forever pine for that mysterious 3 year old.

Here is evidence of the new teeth that allowed us many a midnight family snuggle sessionaround the Motrin bottle.
Out in Truro, we visited the Cape Cod Light. It was a perfect summer day and the water was an amazing deep blue. Standing up on the cliff, it felt like we were looking out across the ocean from the end of the world.

Liam was quite brazen that day (well, even more than usual) in making new friends out of the strangers gathered on the observation deck. His new chums include a couple from Rochester, NY, a bewildered Asian man who clearly didn't speak English, and an elderly man with a shiny walking stick. Oh, and the lighthouse keeper! Liam charged right into his office.

We visited Morris Island and had a nice little hike along the beach. We found lots of rocks and shells (including many once belonging to horseshoe crabs). It was a wild, windy day!

I was finally brave enough to take Liam out to dinner in a restaurant. I chose Arnold's Clam Shack. I figured that any place that marketed themselves as a shack wouldn't mind a few million onion rings thrown on their floor. No, seriously, you should have seen the floor underneath his highchair!

On the way home, we broke up the trip with a stop at the Cape Cod Children's Museum in Mashpee. What an awesome place! Liam had the whole place to himself for much of the time and he ran around squealing in delight at all the fun things to touch and play with. His enjoyment went into overdrive when a few other kids showed up and he followed them around in awe.


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