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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies R Us is EVIL. Don't give them your business!

Babies R Us is an evil mega corporation. They somehow ERASED my pregnant friend's registry and customer service would do NOTHING to help her. Now she has to drag her sorry pregnant self in there and start over. I called corporate and they passed the buck to the local store. The local store is of course powerless to do anything. BOYCOTT BRU!!!!! Everything that you can buy there you can get cheaper somewhere else.


Monday, August 30, 2010

That little imp!

Somehow, Liam has messed with the cable box so that PBS is recording a program on show leopards in place of 'Jersey Shore'!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mama and Baby photo shoot = exhausting!

Liam and I went to a place at the mall to have our pictures taken (as Mama always seems to be behind the camera). The photographer seemed never to have dealt with an active toddler.

"Can you get him to sit in your lap? Or give you a kiss?"

Lady, he's in awe of all the cool crap you have in here that he wants to touch and rip off the shelves and I can't even get him to stop trying to escape the store and run into the mall!

But we did manage to leave with two pictures that I like. I will upload them to Kodak Gallery if you want a copy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How baby does Daisy Dukes

I finally caved and bought the Huggies that look like denim shorts. I regret nothing.

You say 'Goodbye' and I say. . .

'Byyyyyye'! To everyone in every instance. It's the new word of choice in Liam Land and it goes along with that cute sideways wave.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brekkie Babble (Video)

The Ecotarium with Daddy

The best part about the Ecotarium? Going with Daddy! Then the train!

But the next best thing is this ramp for rolling things down.

Then maybe the "Big Kitty" and these other kitties (ferrets).


I honor of Liam's first song (since yesterday, we have been singing the refrain from "Old MacDonald", A LOT!) we went to Davis Farmland today.

True to form, Liam was more impressed with the pen of kittens and the plastic Adirondack chairs than the farm animals that we paid dearly to pet. You can see here how impressed he was by the little sheep who was after some of our lunch.

Here he is trying to steal a stroller. I spend more time dragging this kid away from diaper bags and strollers!!

Mama decided that maybe it was just a tad hot to be dodging goat pellets and we spent the rest of our time at the splash park.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trucks are where it's at.

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15 month stats

At Liam's last visit to the pediatrician, he weighed 25.5 pounds and measured 32.5 inches tall. That's a spurt of two inches since his birthday! No wonder he's able to grab everything off of tables these days.

New skills he is practicing include turning in a circle and having melt-to-the-floor tantrums. He has really nailed the latter. He has also started learning his counting words. For some reason he loves the word "three". We practice counting with decks of cards that he enjoys putting in and and taking out of a drawer that he's not supposed to get into.

We are also experimenting with naps. Some days, he needs two naps, while others, only a cat nap. "Need" is according to Liam. According to Mama, we both NEED at least one nap a day. The Bub is currently upstairs working on a good morning nap. I just hope he will be game for another one after lunch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Little Quiet Time at the Library

You can tell from the Liam-shaped blur that there is more running than reading happening here.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little museum action on a hot day.

Um, this may reflect the beating sun, but it seriously felt this hot today!

We, of no central air, made a trek to Acton today to the Discovery Museum. It was a tad ghetto, I won't mince words, but Liam and I had a blast! It was a bunch of rooms of toys and crazy crap nailed to the walls. So, basically a TGI Fridays for babies. The ball maze was a huge hit.

As was the Train Room.

We took a little break in the Safari Room.

Photo op of Monkey with a monkey. (Primate, whatever!)

But, in summation, I could have saved the price of admission because the stand-out favorite activity for my son, as it has been for 6 months, was pushing toys around.

It was the perfect day for being covered in melted popcicles.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Time Picker!

Liam and I went to Tougas Farm today. It was literally just us and the roosters! (Mama is trying to push back the morning nap time so we had to get out of the house early.) The barnyard animals were so cute. Liam's favorites were the chickens/roosters and the dirty pig. (The pig would not cooperate for a photo.)

Then we had a totally unhealthy second breakfast of sugared blueberry donuts and sugary juice.

The raspberry picking was totally impromptu. I was feeling more like purchasing the fruits of another persons labor but none were available so into the berry patch we went. Imagine that I'm holding Liam and the basket in one hand while picking with the other. At first, all of the berries that I put into the basket were going right into Liam's mouth. Then, when he'd had his fill, he started shoveling them into Mama's mouth!


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