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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cheeky Monkey at the Zoo

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Saying 'Good-bye' to San Diego

We all went to the zoo this morning. The rain (and HAIL!) of last night cleared and left us with a beautiful sunny day. Liam remained true to form and was more interested in sticks, snacks and elevators than animals. We did have a cute encounter with a giant Koala (person in costume). Liam was leary at first of such an odd creature but he did consent to being hugged by her. Not HUGGING her, mind you. He stood stock still with arms by his side and allowed himself to be hugged. He plays hard to get.

Then this afternoon we went to La Jolla to say 'Adios' to the ocean. We saw so many baby seal pups at Seal Beach. One was even born while we were there! 'Molly'. We (thankfully) did not witness the miracle as it happened in a cave but everyone was very excited about it.

Afterwards, Mama thought she might drag her boys into the Museum of Modern Art but a playground was riiiight across the street and that's where we spent our time. Such is the life of a Mama. I did witness our own pup do something pretty amazing. He can now climb up and down stairs all by himself!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Baby Continues to Amaze Me

We had a full, full day of outdoor fun. This morning, Liam and I found ourselves back at the aquarium and had a much more chill and silly experience. Liam discovered sharks and got to play with boats and stairs (and ramps, the kid loves ramps).

After naptime, he started crowing "train station!" So it was off to Solana Beach to watch the Coater pull through. Then we went to Del Mar to watch more trains fly past the playground and the beach.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Double your pleasure.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Trippin'

Today we went to Coronado Island. After a patch of rainy days, the whole city seemed to be at the beach. Here are a few shots of the monkey being impish on Imperial Beach.

After nap time, we headed to Old Town. A cheesy tourist trap, it was Heaven on Earth for a toddler with lots of ramps to race up and down, pottery shops where everything was fragile and expensive and a covered wagon to climb around in. There was even a brief romance with a blonde 3 year old but she gave him a firm shove off the band stand and that marked Liam's first broken heart. He rebounded well with a bite of Mama's chocolate.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Booster seats are for babies!

And a family outing in San Diego on a rainy day is not for the faint of heart.

It was pandemonium at the Birch Aquarium as locals and tourist packed their SUV sized strollers into the galleries. Added to that was a child (OURS!) who was over tired and an under caffenated Daddy and we all needed an early nap!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

It's always the little things that make us happy.

Liam and I went to Solana Beach this morning and went to yet another playground with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Then we went to the train station and watched a train bound for San Diego pull in and head out again. Then, as if life wasn't sweet enough, Mama found THE BEST Marshalls! Designer deals abound! I think we are coming home with twice as much luggage as we came with.

This is Liam tickling himself with a wildflower we picked on our walk back from the park yesterday.
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I hear an echo.

"Oh, God, the mess!" This is as he dumps Cheerios and raisins from bowl to bowl, spilling each piece.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainy day means we're off to the book store!

Two 'Go Go' people as ourselves cant sit home all day. We're planning a book store trip. After we eat our blueberries and whipped cream! Whipped cream is as nutritious as broccoli, right?
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Liam is 'Cook-In'

And I'm eating my first fish tacos in two years so I'm unconcerned by mess right now! He will also be permitted to watch as much Nick Jr as he likes while I'm in my food coma.
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He's, like, totally fitting in.

So Cal is defined by the juice shop or hot yoga studio on every corner and Liam is blending in well with the locals
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We've got short sentences!

Maybe only his Mother would think the sentence "The cars drive on Kitty" hints at a beautiful mind but I think this kid is going places!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Zoo

Mommies, have you ever opened your car trunk and stared in disbelief at the dark space that should have been filled by your stroller? Not only was the stroller missing but all the essentials that live in the pockets and basket were not there either! This is how our zoo adventure began.

At least I had my 'monkey harness' and a few diapering essentials to stick in my purse, but it was going to be a long walk in the sun!

Liam was a trooper. We did borrow one of the zoo's rental strollers (sorry family from Deluth, but finders keepers!) for a short while but Liam was really happy to run and fall and get back up and run again.

We saw the monkey and the tiger and the tail end of a hippo and the ears and eyes of her little baby. Much of what else we saw were zoo vehicles and those were the highlights. BUS! TRUCK! BUS! Those and the gift shop. "Open" is to Liam as "open sesame" was to Ali Baba. He made out with a new truck which I artfully substituted for the armful of expensive stuffed kitties.

Filled with $4 cookies, he managed to fall asleep on the short ride home. Now do I sit here, in the idyling car for 2 hours to ensure that I get a break or risk waking him?
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Friday, February 11, 2011

San Diego Zoo can't compete with lollipops and fiberglass rocks

Liam and I headed downtown to take in the splendor that is the San Diego Zoo. We joined no less than 39 other stroller pushing Mommies as we raced to the furthest outpost - the Elephant Odyssey!

Liam was modestly ammused by the big beasts and squirmed to be freed from stroller captivity. He promptly ran face first into the tusk of an elephant statue and burst into furious tears. Calmed by his Bubba and puffies, he endured being shown the great cats lolling in the sun. "Lollipop" he demanded and started to climb through the cactus gardens despite Mam's warnings of big time owies.

Then we decided to ride the skytram across the park. Not impressed. But do you know what was big fun? A fiberglass rock in the monkey exhibit. He played on it in delight while ACTUAL monkey and apes were eating and doing cute things in the background.

Exit through the gift shop: I decided to save my money when the items that seemed to interest him he thought were candy and the things I wanted cost $36.

We'll try again next week. Maybe he'll have matured.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things did not go 'swimmingly' with registration at urgent care. Long story short, Liam is familiar with the various uses of the F word and several ladies will be getting bleak phone calls from the Clinic's Director. (Have I ever mentioned that you don't mess with this Mama Bear?)

TWO HOURS LATER: diagnosis: Liam doesn NOT have an ear infection but Mama is self medicating with retail therapy for near mental breakdown.
All the sunshine in the world can't ease this day! At least Liam is finally napping.

Husband, if you're reading this, candies and wine will be required this evening! Definitely take out for dinner.
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Vacation urgent care! Liam's ears are clearly still bothering him. So, he plays with the swine flu toy while we hang out. Wish us luck!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We visit Daddy at work

...and a bum photo!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I made Mac'n'Cheese but we dont want THAT for lunch!

Fruit Cheerios it is....and the truck is eating most of them.
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Ramps: The Perfect Playground

You can go up, you can go down. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

The California Anomaly

How is it that at home where we have 1,000 toys, I am organized and can generally find any given thing? But in an apartment 1/3 the size, with only twenty toys, most have gone missing after 6 days???

Sunset in La Jolla

We visited Seal Beach and Scripts Park in La Jolla last night. Liam couldn't really understand what the seals were all about but he had an amazing time rucking amok in the park. His specialty moves are to weave drunkenly in front of couples with babies and nearly tripping joggers with dogs.

He loved this little green viewing house and was very protective of it. I think he thought he could move in but Daddy gave him some upside down belly kisses and convinced him he'd better come home with us.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ducks are HYSTERICAL! (video coming soon)

We went to visit our old apartment complex and the overly posh walking path that leads to the strip mall where we used to go to the pharmacy and go out for breakfast. As we hoped, the lucky ducks who live there were waiting for us.

No words are really necessary but I'll just say this: those Cheddar Bunnies made both Liam and the ducks VERY happy.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You know that you're in California when

Even the recycling receptacle has a social conscience! No 'mixed recycling' here! Our plastic, glass and paper 'commingle'. Probably over Mojitos.

It was hysterical to be at the playground this morning. All the weekend parents were trying to hold onto their iPhones and Venti soy lattes while navigating the slides. And every one's kid was a Trevor or a Jessie. But Liam was still the cutest even though his stroller didn't retail for $1,000 ;)
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Another day at the beach

Liam just loves Powerhouse Beach where the Coaster train whizzes by. After we ran around and went on the swings, we walked into the village for some ice cream! Then, full of sugar, Liam ran around a snooty shopping center and announced "Fountain!", "Bird!", "Chair!", "Dog!". Fortunately, San Diego enjoys an abundance of pocket dogs and Liam gets to point out each one.

Today, Chris will join in the fun! We are going to Seal Beach in La Jolla to visit with our fat kitty's relatives. (She looks exactly like a seal sunning herself, in case you've never noticed.) I'm sure some souveniers and postcards will be bought for our loved ones. And Mama has been dreaming of a certain Gelato shop for two years so that is on the docket, too.
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Friday, February 4, 2011


Liam enjoys some Nick Jr and a rice cake after our morning walk around the heights. (Mama is going to have some killer legs with all of these hills!)
We brought some choice toys but Liam has somehow already lost half of them, or has squirreled them away knowing I'll feel bad for him and get him more. On day 5 of our trip, we're already down two trains, a car and several little animal friends. Thank goodness for Amazon!
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Liam kicks it West Coast

Aviator shades, Aqua Socks, Organic lollipops.....the kid is So Cal wrapped up in a tiny, adorable package.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No crib means we're rocking the Big Boy Bed! or "Don't Sleep Where You Poop!"

Due to a screw up, we didnt get our crib delivery yesterday. Argh! But with a platform bed in Liam's room anyway we decided to see if we could make due and save $175 bucks!

He went down like a dream last night but at 3am Mama had to go in there and try to get him to settle down. He thought it was playtime and was driving trucks over my sleeping face until he finally succumbed to dreams again and slept until 6:30.

Now, it's nap time. He started out on the bed but I heard a lot of playing and talking going on in there. When it finally got quiet this is what i found....he's sleeping on his "changing station".

Oh well! Sleep is sleep and I'm not going to risk waking him!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waking up in LA suits us just fine

We are watching Rugrats and eating cookies while Daddy goes to get the rental car and rangle the car seat into the back. We definitely got the sweet end of the Fig Newton!
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Waking up in LA suits us just fine

We are watching Rugrats and eating cookies while Daddy goes to get the rental car and rangle the car seat into the back. We definitely got the sweet end of the Fig Newton!
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Liam's First Plane Trip

Imagine wrestling a greased pig who can speak and demand lollipops at 35,000 ft. for 6 hours. We were "Those Parents" whose kid ruins everyone's flight. I mean, he was screaming at certain points! Kicking the seat at others and for 4 minutes he was a darling and played peek-a-boo with a neighbor. He likes to mix it up.

But we survived! So far, Liam is loving California. He thinks it consists of the LAX Embassy Suites which does have a kick ass courtyard with fish and turtles. We're napping now except, did I mention, it's the airport hotel and planes are landing on the roof which is also under construction?

We have big plans to hit the swimming pool in a bit. Tomorrow we will drive down to Del Mar and move into our home away from home.

It just feels great to know that we made it out here. (And that we're missing the storm of the century back home!)

Bonus: My fear of flying has been replaced by my fear of flying with a baby.
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