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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and Birthday Party, Part 1

Easter was this toddlers fantasy. He was the only kid there, so people just kept handing him cookies, cupcakes and candy. Plus, he's tall enough that he was helping himself to the jelly bean dish all afternoon. Imagine a super ball ricocheting off the walls of a small house filled with family encouraging this behavior.

He didn't care about anything in his Easter basket save the three Matchbox cars....note to E.B.: next year, just bring Matchbox cars!

Here he is lunging, mouth agape, for a bite of birthday cake. It was carrot but he didn't get past the frosting. I won't waste my time baking on May 7th. I'm just going to slap a bowl of frosting on the table and let him have at it. (The next day when I was loading the dishes into the dishwasher, the little junkie wiped off a smear of frosting from a serving plate and ate it!)

He will never tire of pushing things. I've shown him how to ride IN the car. He isn't interested. The trunk is good for filling with rocks. But, he mainly likes rolling it around the yard.

It would appear that a game was on but I think someone probably just mentioned "Cookie". That person was probably my Mother!

I did not let him know that this egg was food. Although, I did mess up today. I was sneaking Cadbury Mini Eggs. You know, I think I know where he gets his sweet tooth! Anyway, I had three lined up on the counter and I would disappear into the kitchen to eat one. He was in my arms, helping me "cook" dinner, which means, he supervises and sees to it that I know how to do everything with one hand. He saw the eggs and remembered the jelly beans and wanted one.

"Oh, those aren't for eating. They're decoration!" I lied to my child. I have little shame, I know.

Well, dummy that I am, a minute later I picked one up and put it in my mouth. Needless to say, he got one and I heard a chorus of "Mow-ah? Mow-ah?" for 10 minutes. I better hide my stash....he's onto me.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter Bunny has already hopped through Westborough!

Finally, the Bub is asleep. I have been filling his head with visions of treats and baskets but he would not heed any threats that E. B. would only come after all little boys have gone to bed.

We must have just squeaked under the wire because Mama got a sneak preview of Liam's basket!

We will update with lots of pictures of tomorrows festivities. Happy Easter, everyone!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

This little face makes up for a LOT of the shenanigans.

And I fear that THIS face is a glimpse at future teenage Liam.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cute Baby contest! I demand your votes!!

No matter how wild, destructive, naughty or impish, no one can deny that Liam is just so stinkin' cute!

Please vote for him as the Parenting Magazine Cover Model! I think the prize is a lifetime subscription to their magazine or equivalent junk mail. ANYWAY....

This is the photo I entered. We were running around Old Town, San Diego in search of souvenirs and we found this covered wagon which was the biggest hit! We could not get him out of it and there was a long line of kiddos waiting to play in it. He was in Heaven!

Here is the link to vote! (Vote early, vote often!)

Thank you,
Proud Mama

How His Royal Majesty expresses His displeasure over His Mama's decision to shower this morning.

The little booger! What you can't see in this picture is that he also leveled every toy off his other shelf and trashed his train table.

As soon as I walked in there I was greeted with "Getta Time OUT!" At least he's been paying attention even if it doesn't impact his behavior or decision making.

Oh, and the time stamp on this photo should read 7:30 AM. Because after you've already been up for 2 hours, you're a bit bored and need some added stimulation. Good Morning!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

We played hooky at the aquarium today!

Daddy took a couple of much needed family days! Yay!

We went into Boston to the Aquarium today.

We got to touch sea stars (apparently, they took a vote and you're not allowed to call them "star fish" any more.)

And this gross, I mean, giant moray eel was one of my favorite sights. Ick!! But pretty cool!

Liam, of course, was fascinated by a toy we own at home and don't have to pay $50 to play with.

A cute little smirk, running around outside by the seal tank.

Here we are in the eerie light of the Big Tank.

Mama caught herself a 30 pound whopper!

And, there was a humongous ramp, so you know Liam had an awesome time!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A day of firsts and some reflection

Today, Liam learned how to catch a ball (really well!) and to take off his clothes!

He loves to be snuggled and be my 'baby' now more than ever. I think he senses what a big boy he's becoming and we both want to stop time.

I also found a stash of burp rags in a drawer in the living room. There was a time when I would carry one around the house and it might only stay dry for 2 minutes. If I left home, I brought three cloths and a spare shirt (for each of us). Now, it seems like that first year and all the issues with reflux and trying to stay out of the line of fire are just distant memories.

That little baby is almost two years old and there doesn't seem to be anything he can't do for himself. I'm so lucky that he still thinks that only I know the ending to all the truck books and have exclussive access to Bear Gummies. He thinks I'm hysterical and is my constant shadow. Right now, I can trick him into thinking starting the washing machine is a fun game.

I want our snuggles and play dates to go on forever but, like these forgotten burp rags, some day he won't need me as much. I'm going to sneak upstairs and breathe in his little baby smell and kiss his soft cheek and remember, for next year, how sweet it was to have a two year old and how little he seemed.

I love you, Bub!
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Feeding your baby muffins to buy yourself some peace always backfires.

The day started out well enough. We drove for 40 minutes to meet Grammy at a museum only to have Liam cling to me like and cry to go home. FAIL!

After sleeping away most of the morning in the car, he slumped against me on the couch for while longer while I bribed him with gummy bears so he would take his medicine to take down his temperature. I was able to watch just enough of a French movie to get sucked in. (I will never see the end of this movie.)

Suddenly, Liam was magically well and has been bouncing around all day. No napping for him After driving around town to look for trucks and school buses (I've burned 20 gallons of gas but it's easy entertainment) he requested muffins.

Sure! Whatever! Exhausted Mama hands small child 30 grams of sugar and isn't surprised in the least that small child is now a kangaroo and bouncing all over Mamas prostrate body.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The day your kiddo wakes up at 4 am

Is, of course, the day you deicde to take a long walk, endure story time at the library and then, during lunch, he falls out of his chair and bites his lip in two places.

Naptime is foiled and I'll be drinking even more coffee instead of napping myself because today is also the day you host play group!
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Monday, April 4, 2011


When it pours, plant your kitchen greenhouse. Liam liked the part where he got to water the peat pellets until they got all brown and puffy. He left it to Mama to get dirty fingers and push in the seeds.

Our crop? Mammoth sunflowers! The eatin' kind. You'll all be invited to our harvest where prizes will be awarded to those who can spit the shells the furthest.
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We met the Easter Bunny's shady cousin today.

I hope I can do better for Liam than the Marlboro Mall Bunny who was looking more like roadkill and smelling fresh from a smoke break. But it was the most successful photo shoot yet! (And honestly, shhhh, he's none the wiser.)

Liam loved the Bunny Village and all the flowers and eggs. He was a bit scared of the big Bunny but he did sit with him on the bench (with Mama) and we got a picture! I will add it later.

Until then, here are some shots of the rest of our trip to the mall. We visited the real bunnies at the pet shop and Liam was a gentleman and carried Mama's shopping bag. We may have adopted a new kitty friend named, wait for it, "Liam Kitty". But I think I was able to steal it back to be re-introduced as a birthday gift. (Yeah, I'm slick like that.)

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

To those of you claim that dining out with a small child is no big deal

I submit this afternoon's scenario for your consideration:

Yes, it was technically afternoon because we went to the "family-style" restaurant at 4:45 to avoid annoying the maximum amount of diners.

When the chocolate milk arrives 20 minutes before the food you've set yourself up for what I will call the Super Hyper Mama Mama Jump game. This is where Liam bounds upwards of two feet off the booth seat, tries to climb the blinds, yells "Mama Mama!" and ends up initiating a race to get the check, the take away boxes for Mama and Daddy's uneaten meals and stuff the kid into his jacket to we can swiftly walk to the car, all the while receiving knowing looks of pity and quite a few of gratitude.

We may have a wild child but at least we are considerate parents and don't subject you all to his antics. For that, we pat ourselves on the back and will later eat the congealed remains of our burgers and Liam's cookies that he did not get for being a good boy and eating his dinner.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A sunny April Saturday with just a hint of snow.

Today, the Wrona Family took a stroller walk with the intention of playing ball at a local playground but Liam fell into that lovely stroller coma so we just kept on rolling!

Back at our house, he perked up and wanted to investigate the yard. He loves the Easter Egg shrub and tries to be very careful not to mash the sprouting plants as he reaches to touch each color of egg.

Then we had to "go down hill" and "see river".

This now includes picking up pine cones and sticks and trying to throw them over the stone wall into the forest behind our house. (Be careful what you do once, Mamas, as your baby has a long memory and he will latch onto your action as a fun game.)

We learned about the noise water makes coming out of the gutter and that it's cold but not too cold so it's okay to touch it.

Many, many pine cones and sticks were selected for their varying sizes. Each required inspection by Daddy or Mama.

And Mama tried to explain about buds turning into leaves. I'm no Mr. Wizard but I think I did alright.

Oh, and he just looked so cute in his kitty hat!


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