The Fellas turn 3!!

The Bub and I have been blessed to know a little play group for 3 years!  It has grown from the original four boys (born May, June and July of 2009) to include three more kiddos!  That's 7 cuties who got together in this sweltering heat to party and play.

Happy Birthday Stephen, Nicholas and Bobby!!  "3" is going to be awesome!

Here they are last year, rocking out the big 2. The Fellas, age 2

To my Mama Friends: it was so wonderful to see you even if I didn't get to talk to you over the craziness of kiddie pools, snacks, cake and presents.  I feel to lucky to call such a lovely group of ladies my friends!  A MNO is definitely in order!!

When I asked Bub at bedtime what he did today, he crowed "CAKE!"  We have our priorities in this house and sugar is clearly paramount.


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