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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guilty, Bub?

Yesterday we had a battle of the nap time.  I knew that Bub needed to take one and Bub was adamant in his position that he was NOT going to take one.  We agreed to disagree and I shut him in his room for an hour, hoping that the singing and chattering and jumping would segue into sleeping.  It was not going to happen.

After the hour break, which I decided was as much as I was ever going to get, I opened his door to find him standing in his bed, looking HORRIFIED.


oh, man.  What did you do??

"I was spitting out of my bed.  I'm sorry!!!"

oh, boy.  Don't spit in the house, it's naughty.  I'm tired.  Let's go downstairs.

"Okay, Mama!"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bub is devastated by my inability to keep a house plant alive.

I bought some kind of spiky plant and I thought it looked fantastic on the hearth.  But, looking good and living are two separate things.  The plant is rapidly dying much closer to sunlight but I'm not holding out hope.

Bub told me,  I don't like the plant looking like that!

I explained that the plant wasn't going to make it and that it would go into the woods and would help other plants live, that this is the cycle of life.   Great life lesson I thought.

No,  Mama! I want the plant to make it!

Oh,  Bub.  Here he is, trying to rise above his grief with a game of fishing.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bub has a thing for bathrobes.

When Liam was first born, I had this cheap, pink bathrobe that I mostly lived in.  When he was about 6 months old,  I chopped it up and made him a bunch of lovies with it so he would have part of me with him while he slept.   He's still lovin' those lovies to this day. 

But that's not where the love affair ends.   He derives great comfort from seeing me in my current cheap,  ugly gray bathrobe.  He always compliments me on it.  Almost every day.

''MAMA! That's a pretty bathrobe you got!  I want you to wear it all day. ''

I guess he knows that if I'm in my ratty robe that I'm not going anywhere and that I'll be around for his entertainment. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I whecked the twain!

Bub some how charmed our neighbor into giving him her daughter's Dinosaur Train set.  He is THRILLED with the toy and has been bouncing around all day, excited to do two things: Watch the train loop up and down the track AND wreck the train.  He creates "situations". 

"Mama!  I'm going to make a situation!"

He then whacks a section of track out of place and the train plunges into the crevasse.

Monday, August 13, 2012



Used in a sentence,  '' MAMA! I'm going to dump the water out out and then say,  tudduh.   TA DAAAAAH! ''

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stake out at the mall

Bub wouldn't come into the mall until the security guards drove off in their '' police car ''.   Seen here,  he looks longingly at the flashing lights on the steeds of these heros of retail.

Bub think he's Dictator for Life.

If my blogging has been sparse lately it's because Bub has himself confused with Caesar.   He refuses to cooperate,  listen,  agree,  not yell, cry or have a generalized shit fit daily. 

Oh,  yeah,  and all of you who told me 3 would be better than 2. . . . we are no longer friends.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gigantic Now! (patent pending)

No.  Not the awesome name of the coolest garage band in suburbia (though I will be slapping a TM on there for future use).

This is would be name of a small stuffed kitten Bub covets at the Hallmark Store.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I will use any excuse to spoil this child.

Bub got glowing reports at school today about how well he's been doing with the potty and how clever and funny he is.    Well, I was just bursting with pride and wanted to reward him.

Could I have gone a bit smaller with the truck?  Perhaps.  But it's a frickin' cement mixer!  How awesome it that?

We'll be jammed up on Kimball Road for the foreseeable future.  Please seek alternate routes.

And because I cannot resist the site of his little body in big boy pants . . . 

We were watching Dino Dan for those of you keeping score at home.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Did you get your tax credit for the green renovations on your Lincoln Log home?

We were building a house with Lincoln Logs.  It was Grammy and Papa's house.

"I'm going to put the solar panels on."  He proceeds to lay the yellow roof planks across the top of the house.  Totally caj.


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