Putting his fashion foot down

Bub is pretty easy to dress, if you can catch him.  He rarely has an opinion, preference or problem with the clothes that I pick out for him.  I avoid things with tight necklines or zippers because he has always been sensitive to those things.  Aside from that, his only input has been that his favorite color is blue.  OK, Bub, I'll get you mostly blue clothes.

Today was an exception.  After he woke up from his nap (which I thank the baby Gods that he still takes) he appeared from his room in pajama bottoms and no underwear.

Mama: Bub, can I help you put some pants on?

Bub: NOO!  I want to wear these pants.

M: Those are pajama pants.  Didn't you want to go to the store?  (We had planned to go to Toys R Us to pick out a special rewards for his success in night potty training.)  And you need underpants.

B: I want to wear these!  And the Kronoaurus skeleton shirt.

M: Fine.  (This is my pregnant response to any strongly voiced opinion.)

Off we went, in pajama bottoms and Kronosaurus skeleton shirt.  Bub decided that he liked a group of Mama and Baby dinosaurs and somehow ended up with 8 toys instead of 1, but, well, see the above mentioned response to all things.  Plus, I rationalized that it was savvy parenting to encourage his love of all things Baby.


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