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A cool and calm moment on a hot day

Farmer Liam

Startin em young

Startin em young


What the what??

THIS is how crazy it is at our house (video)

Yo, Jake Apples!

Kitty loves Jacob

Hey Mama!

Do I need a plumber or a paleontologist?

Why I don't bed share with Bub

This little face

Jacob video

Jacob Dean, baby model giving Blue Steel face

Cheers to the Snack Helper

Pucker up for baby kisses

Big Love and Little Love

The bug Fascination begins

Goodnight, T Rex, goodnight!

I'm exhausted for a cute reason

Two Stow Aways

Who weighs 11 pounds 4 ounces?

Birthday Dinner

The Birthday Boy!

A special walk with Bub

Jacob Apples is One Month Old

I won't be eating pizza for a year.


Bub is 4! (almost)

Racing cars

Big Winner!