No matter what, Bub, I will always love you!

We are waged deep in battle, little man.  You are trying to let me know how you are feeling by acting out or arguing with me.  I'm trying to understand and remember that you are just a boy.  I'm very tired, from life and from being a Mommy. 
Sometimes, I get very frustrated and I yell at you or scold you.  You think this means that I don't love you.  You are so, so wrong, my little love.  I love you so very much that it kills me to hear to question my devotion to you.

I saw this video, about the kindness that strangers can show for a child, and it made me cry.  Bub, you are that cold little boy.  I see that you are shivering and don't know how to ask for help.  I'll just try harder to keep you warm in my love and we'll figure this out together.  Because you are my own heart that I wear outside of my body.  And I never want to see you suffer.


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