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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I wish I could be a gorgasaurus!

We went to Build-A-Bear today to make a gift (because bears aren't dinosaurs so it certainly wasn't for my kid). They have a whole ritual surrounding a little heart that goes inside the bear to imbue her with different characteristics. Bub was game and he played along, jumping for energy, rubbing his muscle for strength, and holding it to his heart for love.

This is the good part, when he solemnly closed his eyes and whispered his most fervent wish,
*I wish that I could be a gorgasaurus in my next life*
And with that, he sealed it with a kiss and into the bear it went!

I frickin' love that boy. He has latched onto reincarnation like a Hindu and he doesn't waste a wish, either!

Apologies, Little E, if when you snuggle your bear and you hear not the thumping of a teddy's heart but the thundering bellow of a theropod.

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No big deal, they're only fingers!

Bub shut his hand in the car door today. Right after I barked at him to stop asking me a zillion questions. So, I feel awesome!
He's okay, but I wonder what cosmic force allows this to happen when Chris is traveling?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear inventors of washable bath crayons, I call "bullshit"!

Yes, Bub had a wildly delightful time coloring my walls.
Yes, technically, the color washed off.
Yes, there will forever be a shadow image of this artwork.
Yes, I threw the crayons away.... and then I dug them out of the trash because he loved them so much and,  if the tub's already ruined, then wth,  right?

Please find attached invoice for $1000 for new tub and surround.

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Beautiful day in Cambridge

The three Musketeers went to the HMNH this morning. I thought I did fabulously, having minimal personal meltdowns before we got in the car, and managing two tikes inside the museum.
I was feeling PRETTY COOL and with it... Until we had our picnic lunch. (Yes! I even managed to pack a lunch!)  The "Cambridge - y" family unpacked their veggies and kale chips and I served all varieties of Ritz and peanut products and Gerber melts. The small Cambridge family type asked, as Bub raced the quad, "Did I used to do things like that?" What? Aren't you 6?

Well, screw you people! My family doesn't poop rainbows and then compost it. And we like it that way. Now, where's a drive through Dunkin Donuts?

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter / birthday to you!

After a really shaky lead up with sick boys I feared that our Easter party would be a bust.  We managed to power through a day of baskets, egg hunts, travel, Motrin, family, cake, and presents.
Bub was such a good boy today. He was patient and did his best to share his party with Easter. (Family can attest that he was somewhat accusatory during lunch that we weren't eating as quickly as he wanted, but cake was on the line.) We're really proud of how far he's come in this last year. It's tough welcoming a new brother and he's done a great deal of growing up. He's a big boy now.
Cubby was so easy going that we didn't even notice he had a temperature until we got back from Grandma's. The little nugget is finally asleep after a rough evening.
Putting Bub down to sleep, I asked him what his favorite gift was,  and there was a heap to choose from.
"The duncleostious!  (the fish toy on his cake I painstakingly made him.)
I like presents from my friends."
"I'm your friend,  Bub. "
"You're my BEST friend EVER! "
The kid knows how to turn on the love. It's all worth it for a moment like that. Now I'm going to faint.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A T-Rex walks into a restaurant and orders a poop sandwich

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Nothing quite envigorates your Monday like preschool!

As a stay-at-home-mom, Monday morning is a beautiful thing! After having two sick kids for over a week, one home from school, I say, "Go ask someone ELSE a bazillion questions!"

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

A new disease. CHECK!

I don't recall that we've ever had strep throat before so I'm super excited to announce that YES!   Check that off the bucket list!

In other related news, CVS had one dinosaur toy and Bub came home with it. Poor guy. Between the penicillin, new toy and Lucky Charms he should be feeling better soon.

And the prize in the box is that Cubby's already on antibiotics for his ears. Score!

We'll bring you updates like high fevers and bouts of barfing as they develop.


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Champ weighs in at 1

We had Cubby's one year check up today.

25 lbs 6 oz and 31 ¹/⁴" tall

He was very brave after his shots and has been such a cherub all day. I'm a lucky Mama.

For comparison, Liam was

23 lbs and 30 ¹/²" tall at one year

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nauset Beach with my boys

We had a really wonderful weekend at the Cape.
Yes, it involved a LOT more diaper blow outs than I envisioned, but the kids were actually really well(ish) behaved.
Bub ate nothing but ice cream and Cubby was the darling of every place we went. I didn't lose it and turn into screaming Mommy even once! I know, right? Wine.
This morning we discovered that Bub is really good at The Fast and Furious arcade game and then we went to Nauset Beach. It was cold and windy, but sunny.   We tramped down the dunes and the two big boys started chasing waves while the baby endured my stooping to collect rocks.
I walked to meet up with the guys and noticed that a dog was chin deep in the freezing river.
"That dog is crazy! " I told the family.
They said, "That KID is crazy! "
And there was Bub, on the far side of the river, soaked to his waist. 
Oh, I know, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our Cub is ONE!

The expression, "The days are long but the years are short," has never felt more true than today.  One year ago, I was riding to the hospital to evict Cubby from his lodgings.

We had a tiny party on Friday night and then left for a weekend adventure on the Cape.

On his birthday, we left for our trip.  Our first stop was the Children's Museum in Mashpee.  It was a bit WILD with other birthday celebrations, but our kids loved it.


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