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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some days, you couldn't pay someone enough to be a SAHM.

Kid wants to go to the playground.
Feed both kids snacks.
Pack diaper bag.
Pack water and hats for everyone.
Does anyone have to go to the bathroom?
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Drive to next town.
Argue with small person in the back seat about which playground you're going to.
Get everyone out of the car.
Where's your hat?!
Strap baby to chest and give yourself a hernia carrying diaper bag and large plastic toy.
Walk into the gate.
Kid rides on bouncy dolphin for 30 seconds.
Mama! I have to go to the bathroom!
Ask neighbor to watch baby and shudder as you walk kid to chemical toilet.
Kid is rightfully horrified by chemical toilet and is afraid of falling in.
Just stand there and pee and don't touch anything.
Grab baby and apologize to neighbor for the 5 minutes of clenched teeth swearing and parental meltdown you just proudly performed for strangers.
Pack every mother-loving thing back in car and drive home.
Unbuckle kid and send him into the bathroom while you haul the sleeping baby and all the gear into the house where you find....



I changed my mind.

Go play in your room.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Parental vigilance lapses every now and again.

I thought that I'd closed the gates this morning when I ran into the bathroom. Errr, two out of three I guess!

Cubby made it to the top of the stairs all by himself! Oops.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Evidence that toddlers first language is French

Cubby is sick, with a cold or allergies,  and he is out of sorts. He wouldn't be soothed in his crib so I took him to bed to nurse.

The rascal pulled away from me, sat up sleep - drunkenly, and asked,
"Ou Dada?"
He's downstairs, I answered.
More sentences followed but as I faked my way through 4 years of high school French I didn't catch the rest.

Bub used to speak French, too.
"Touckah jacquah tookah tiquah tookah tookah!"

Errr, here! Have some Cheerios! Non? Je n'est parle pas Francais, mes petits. But you go right ahead. It's adorable.

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Kimball Road to Kimball Farm

We had a garage sale this weekend that was very successful but really taxing on the whole family. I was outside working the sales and Chris was on child duty.

This afternoon, we celebrated our decluttered life with ice cream and arcade games at Kimball Farm.  Bub got to dig for fossils in a giant sandbox and I fed my baby coffee ice cream! Everyone was very amped up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The end of an Era

Though Cubby shows no signs of giving up nursing, I know that this special time will end eventually. I love the closeness, the easiness, and the comfort I can give him.

Here we are, averting a retail meltdown in the fitting room.

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First lollipop for Cubby

After a harrowing haircutting experience, Cubby chose a grape lollipop. Happiness!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Two boys keep me very loved

It's a battle of the brothers for Mama's lap these days. Both are jealous of any attention the other gets and I'm not hating it!

I can see why mothers dote on their boys. I feel like a mother-goddess in their eyes. Tonight, I nursed Cubby and snuggle /read to Bub and I felt so full that I sparkled with maternal love. Sparkled in my mind. On the outside, I was very grubby from boy love and a day in the park. But I'm a queen to two small people and it's wonderful.

I'm just saying, wouldn't it be sweet to have a little girl, too? (Chris is fainting somewhere.)

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

My baby is all grows'd up!

We left both boys at babysitting night and I've just felt slightly sick about it the whole night. My littlest guy isn't so little any more.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Only Bub

No one makes an entrance, or an exit, like Bub. He's the Mayor! Waving to everyone , he beams a huge grin, convinced that now the fun can begin because he's arrived.

We showed up at a birthday party today and I swear, he thought the other guests had congregated for his benefit. At the party table, he interrupts all conversation with, "EXCUSE ME! DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD I AM? I'M 5!"

Our departure was less friendly. He was offered a sub-par slice of cake and the whole world met with his instant, nuclear rage. Sorry, B & C!

Whisked away and stuffed, hissing and spitting like a fierce little animal, into the car, he was demure and sweet again. I could empathize with that level of frustration and disappointment. I just don't get to pitch the fit.

The kid has no filter, for better or for worse. How could I not treat him to a milkshake?

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Friday, May 9, 2014

I knew there was a handsome boy under that mop of hair!

Liam has been growing his hair. Fine with me! It's a battle that I haven't wanted to fight, plus a haircut generally costs $15 plus the bribe (new dinosaur).  Today I guess he'd had enough of peering through a mop of hair.

There's my handsome guy!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to tell that you've got a big kid now

You hear talking downstairs and call down to learn he's answered the phone and is chatting up Grandma Cookie.

He tunes into adult conversation and asks later, why does so-and-so make such bad choices?

He successfully negotiates three pieces of birthday cake.

He is proud to be your official bug squisher.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's 8:05

Bub was born exactly 5 years ago tonight.

What a challenge, what a pleasure, what a special little person.

Happy birthday, Bub! You made me a mother and I will be forever grateful to you. 

That being said, I earned my cake today with his party! Pictures to follow.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream speak

Bub is really channeling his inner predator. He cried out from a nightmare, "I have to hunt! I have to hunt!"

Errr, too much BBC Walking With Dinosaurs.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Her name should be "Grandma Ice Cream"!

I am laid up with back pain and we had to postpone our trip to the dinosaur museum. Grandma Cookie stepped in to rescue Bub from boredom and took him to Cape Cod for the day.

He told me that he had ice cream for lunch. OK, lucky boy! Grandma spoils you!

Yup, what I then got out of him was that he also had ice cream for dessert!

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Those chubba legs!

He's so beautiful.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Snips and snails and cheddar goldfish!

Cubby is made of equal parts goldfish and yogurt melts.

At nearly 13 months, he's really walking well, loves to play peek-a-boo, read books and loves music.

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