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Monday, June 30, 2014

Things I can say

Cubby has been communicating since birth. His loud weezes had him in the nursery for observation for his first two days on Earth and his loud grunts of pleasure made TV watching while nursing impossible. 

His vocabulary in growing to include many actual words. Today, he heard a bird singing and proudly shouted, "Birdie!" He can say,

Dinosaurs (sort of)

He's a genius.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Asteroids in the Time of Man

"There are no asteroids today.
You can pay a scientist $20 and he'll shoot a big gun into the sky and blow it up."


This is a W that I really wanted to buy from Anthropologie but Chris convinced me was only half cool/half ugly. I'm commemorating it here.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

The artist misses Nauset Beach

Nauset Beach complete with shark, Liam's Clam Shack, seagulls, foot showers and a canoe where people have two lunch boxes.

I heart this kid!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The little brothers are so much alike

Bub always falls asleep on a stack of books and /or sharp toys that I need to pull out every night. Tonight, Bub rolled over and threw his arm over his head and made a grimace. He looked like a baby, his own self when he was small, but also like his brother does now.
Then, I nursed Cubby and watched him stroke his hair, as he always does to comfort himself. When I made myself return him to the crib, he, too, reached up with his arms in a stretch.

These boys have my whole heart. I'm remembering this moment, before I pass out from exhaustion, of their softness and sweetness. And of how much they need me. Because when they wake up, they are running and whooping and crashing and they butt heads and poke at one another to show their uniqueness and their claim over the world.

Asleep, they are just my babies and I'm happy to be Mama.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Perfect parenting means different things to different people

No sooner do I commit to ridding our lives of junk food and really cracking down on polite behavior than an exception rears its head.
Bub has a serious mental block when it comes to behaving respectfully to adults. I think he just has no patience for small talk and the dumb things strangers say to him when we meet. Can't really blame him except it's incredibly embarrassing for ones 5 year old to give the stink eye to little old ladies and snoopy sales people.
I laid down the law that rudeness would not be tolerated. The "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" credo is in effect.  At at store, the well-meaning saleswoman asked Liam what kind of dinosaur was on has shirt.
Clearly, it's a t-rex, you dumb ass! But Bub plastered on a grin and kept mum.

Yes, Bub, I'm proud of you. Here's 24" of gummy snake.

We have to redefine perfect parenting, sometimes by the hour. If I taught my child a smidgen of respect, I will dole out some processed reptile shaped food snack.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Yup, we're in that stage. Oh, all the baby talk makes up for it but it's just another nugget of fun in the poo poo platter of Motherhood.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Baby Wearing

I hope my moose doesn't get too big too soon. I love it when he naps on me.

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A Herculean Feat - - syncing naptimes

I have two kids, four years apart. Do you have any f#*king idea how hard it is to get a moment of peace? Allow me to enlighten you. Really f#*king hard.

My best shot is post lunch when the baby goes down and I can sometimes wrestle the older one into an hour of "quiet time". Don't say "nap" or you'll blow it, wasting 20 minutes arguing semantics, because he's nocturnal (he's a dinosaur).

Today, I got 8 minutes after big boys bathroom breaks and repeated shhhh-ing. The baby just woke up.

You're welcome! I just spent my moment of peace blogging for you!

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Ice cream!

It's an essential food group,  it's an effective bribe, it makes anything better, it's my favorite food. And I've made two little people who agree with me.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

I may be little

But I own you!

*constant soundtrack inside Cubby's head *

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear kids, I tried my best to protect you from chemicals and Big Pharma, but I'm just too tired! Apologies if you start to glow! Love, Mama

You know, with the first kid, it was all perfect. Cautious research of organic baby food and skin care products. I washed clothes in environmentally friendly soap and all our plastic was BPA free.

Then, I got exhausted and lollipops and muffins from Dunkin Donuts crept in. The next thing I knew, he would only eat waffles and whipped cream. Oh well, I still slathered on the Earth conscious and wallet slaughtering sunscreen, counts for something, right?

Kiddo number two, I think that he was pure for about 9 months and then goldfish became his breakfast of Champions. The shampoo is organic and the fruit, but I think that eating grapes off a chemically cleaned floor reduces the perfect mommy points significantly.

Now, I just throw up my hands with regards to most things and it's an organic / poison crap shoot. You'll get sunscreen everyday and your DHA gummies, but I think we have to compromise on the Popsicles and the chicken nuggets. Mama is now 5 years tired and that's a lot of research and smart choices!

Let's make a deal : when everyone is wiping their own butts, I'll pick up my vigilance. In the meantime, let's hope we are evolutionary survivors. We do have that "hearty New England stock" in us. Just be grateful you're not milking cows and splitting rails and we'll turn a blind eye on what's in the juice boxes.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Bibs and baby swimsuits are a waste of money.

Kid #2
BOY #2
I have learned that it takes as much energy to wash a tee shirt as it does a bib. And swimwear for toddlers? Just bring a change of clothes. Done. Don't bother with swim diapers either. **they are no different from regular ones**

BOOM! You've been schooled.

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That's a mommy friend I'll never have!

Cubby enjoyed his first Gymboree class this morning. He was giggling and making friends and being so easy going. Until, dun dun dahhhhhhh! The parachute.

Cubby was so excited with the bubbles and colors! He was toddling around and didn't see this moose of a kid charge towards him. Both went down and up pops Cubby, ain't no thing!

The other kid? Tears, a huge welt on his face, screaming infant sister and pissed mom. Now, even the instructor acknowledged that it was the other boy in the wrong, but that didn't make us any less the preschool pariah.

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