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Monday, March 30, 2015

Museum trip with Grandma Cookie

We spent the morning at the Discovery Museum which was a first for Cubby. He loved it!
Then we had ice cream for lunch to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend shenanigans

The Three Musketeers hit up the Ecotarium for 45 minutes on Sunday, but we really made it count! Frogs, turtles, pressing buttons, dinosaurs, shopping!

Bub's new artistic passion is wanting to  paint his toy dinosaurs. He wants to paint all of them but I keep thinking how much they cost, so he painted two.  Cubby enjoys painting my table.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

So happy I have to hang onto my toes!

The kid loves school

Usually. Cubby clings to me a bit at drop off but all it takes is the mention of paint, sand, water or any other activity most sane mothers don't offer at home and he's off. He has a best friend, Teagan, who always greets him, and me.
At the end of the morning, I am presented with a messy but happy kiddo who is ready for a nap.

Here's "Puppy" (this is what he calls himself) with a serious case of the cutes.

Friday, March 13, 2015

A visit to see the fish

Cubby and I went to the aquarium this morning and the kid was so excited to find the dinosaurs!!  (Seriously, why do I even try to fight it at this point?)  We pretended the whale skeleton was a dinosaur and he was immediately satisfied.

He really loved the giant turtle, splashing in the ray pool and scaring those fish, and the jelly fish that he said,
I guess all of their tentacles look tickle-y!  It was really funny.  He was giggling like he was being tickled!

It was very sweet to spend some time doing something special with my little one.  So often, his needs come after those of his brother.  Today, it was all about him.

Including the "candy cane" he got at the gift shop.

This is just a sweet picture of the two brothers reading in Bub's bed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tiny little fingers

Cubby was perfectly manipulating the clasp of a necklace tonight.  It was his pretty amber teething necklace that he now and has been refusing to wear even though he's getting four teeth.

But he was thoroughly enjoying playing with the beads.
"LONG! " He announced as he dangled it by the end.
He didn't understand that he has to twist the clasp to close it,  but he repeatedly fit the right parts together.

Such a clever monkey.

And Bub continues to draw, currently Utaraptors, images that could appear in scientific journals!

Friday, March 6, 2015

23 months old

A week of everyone being sick means Mama pulls out all the stops in the treats category. Cubby knows to ask for "More marsh!" (Marshmallows)

Seen here digging through the Lucky Charms for the good marsh.

I love you, Cubby!


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