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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our shared love of retail therapy

The most amazing thing about a 1 year old is his capacity for joy over the most simple things.
Playing with a ball, riding around Target with Mama, while nibbling baby puffs, is equal to a trip to Disneyland. And I didn't even have to buy him the ball!

His delight was contagious. He charmed many shoppers and made me smile over and over.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Belated happy month-a-versary, Dylan!

I cannot keep on top of things with these boys.

Before he turns 17 months old, let me give a nod to 16 months. Dylan has been doing a lot of cardio in the form of pell mell running and cat chasing. He friggin loves pulling that cat's tail, poor thing. He now prefers to dine on the go, snacking from bowls on the floor like a puppy. Or just eating off the floor directly. I consider this acceptable since he is the one to have flung his lunch across the kitchen in the first place.

Also, he is clearly part wolf. He howls when he doesn't get his way. Ooowwwwww! I'm calling him "Mowgli".

I want to go to the THEATER!

He's just barely 4 years old, yet Mr. Apples was relentlessly whining for days to go to "the theater". Not a movie. The Theatre. With an - re, I'm sure.

We broke all of my school night rules and went to see the new Disney film, and ate popcorn and candy for dinner. I still have a bellyache!

 Here's some further antics from the vacation week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Finally, a nice day!

After being in the house with a very sick Cubby, we all were desperate for some sunshine.
Mr. Pickle fell asleep in the swing, THANKFULLY, he was very cranky, while Cubby tried his best to burn out the motor on his new Spider-Man bubble machine.
Liam lost another tooth, too!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I wish you one hundred more birthdays!

Our silly lovebug! He loves Spiderman, all things vanilla plus sugar, drawing, LEGOS, and going to museums with his family.

It's the 4th anniversary of one special little man!

We had a run around and eat cake party last Sunday. 

And tomorrow, J. Apples is going to wake up a 4 year old! 

I got a special treat for Cubby to have, secretly in the car, after school. The image on the cup of cookies made Cubby extremely wary.

I want DIFFERENT cookies that won't make me 'splode!

You won't explode, it's just a picture of the  yumminess flying out of the cookie, I explained. (Christ! It's oreos! Eat them!) Here, I'll eat one.

No lie, the kid hands me the cup and covers his ears and CRINGES against the impact of my exploding body.

Once I didn't die, Cubby was able to tuck into his snack.


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