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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cute with immediate naughty followup

Cubby,  Cubby, Cubby!
He was the last man standing tonight,  after  Bub was sent to his room and Pickle fell asleep.  Everyone is melting down, post end of school,  and I held it together really well today.
Cubby is rubbing his head on me, like a pet, which sounds adorable except that he's also digging his elbows into my vital organs.
"Kis my arm and my cheek!"
Well, ok, that's easy.
"Where are the pink lips??"
Oh, I'm not wearing lipstick.  I'll kiss you tomorrow.  So cute, right?
Erm, 4 minutes later he's vaulting off the couch trying to concuss  himself.  Chris, marches him up to bed with the admonishment that he should behave.  "I'm having! I'm having!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Big Baby survives 2 vaccines and gets poptart!

At his 18 months check up, Pickle weighs 30 lbs....weight calculated before poptart consumption. And he's approaching 3 ft tall!

For his 8 year check up, Liam weighs 67 lbs and 52" tall! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The last day at the AMP store!

I got a gift from Liam tonight. A tiny pair of plastic "pearl" earrings. He had used the last of his tokens he earned at school to buy them for me.
I took out my sophisticated diamonds and put in the fragile plastic buttons, praying they wouldn't break.
"You look beautiful!"
It makes up for a lot.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dada is on the phone!

It's Dragon season! Meet the Flaming Earth Dragon.

Liam loves to catch dragonflies

And draw dragons

This is the Flaming Earth Dragon.
Liam wanted to make sure it appears on Google.  (There is some exotic Paleolithic creature of his on Google and he's trying to be more famous.)
Off to do a Google search!

18 months old

Somehow, the little person that we refer to as "the baby", has turned 18 months old!

He says
Babba, daddy, this, tree, birdie, kitty, uh-oh and can sign for milk, more, up, and all done.
He has 7 teeth and the 8th one is keeping us up at night. He is 30 lbs of love.
There is no furniture he will not climb, no snack he will not eat, no sprinkler left un-played in, and no cat's tail left un-pulled.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Zoo Night!

Last Friday we went to the Autism Alliance's Zoo Night. Pickle was sickly and couldn't come, but the 2 bigs enjoyed the animals and being out late.

Some people dance in the rain, while others just get wet.

This mama had a wonderful birthday, even in this dreary June rain.


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