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Gimme! That! Flag!

Raptor, Jurrassic Park. Liam Wrona, age 8

Kisses that last all day

At the arcade

La Jolla Cove

California Family!

California baby

Saturday foiled by wounded foot

Goodnight, Snuggle Bunny

Ear infections go hand in hand with San Diego

From princes to prisoners

Another stunning day

Ready for opening day at the Fairground!

Toes in the sand at seal beach

Thank you SpongeBob!

Date night! Finally!

And when they were good, they were very, very good.

We are "those people".

Sunset at the beach

Fountains in the fanciest strip mall

Before Cubby's 1st flight!

I am from planet Duplo and I am here to destroy you, San Diego.

The West Coast Fellas

This about sums it up.

Happy 4th!