Balboa Park : Museum of Man, MONSTERS!

We had a great day at Balboa Park. I can't get enough of that place. It's so gorgeous and it feels like going home. I'm delighted that the kids enjoy it, too.
We like to go early, before the crowds. We played on a sculpture of a snake and I managed 10 minutes in which to sit and have a coffee.

The Museum of Man, in the amazing California Tower, had an exhibit on monsters! So perfect.
The boys ran around, marveling at the art and interactive displays, drawing and making monsters with magnetic monster features. At the end, we each wrote our name and something we are afraid of on a paper feather and tied it to a giant dream catcher to protect us from those creatures that go bump in the night.
Hilarious side note, Cubby went to the exhibit pantless because of an accident and Dyl was shirtless beneath his overalls for due to a juice incident. He was also pantless at certain points. Hey, I've got three kids! We're flexible in our dress code.


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